The shareholders have the following rights in respect of participating and voting in general meetings:-

  • to attend or appoint proxies to attend, speak and vote at all general meetings;
  • to requisition the company to convene a general meeting;
  • to place items on the general meeting agenda;
  • to appoint up to two proxies when the shareholder is unable to attend the general meeting;
  • for a corporate shareholder, to attend the general meeting through its corporate representative.
  • to demand for poll voting on any resolution at general meetings in manner prescribed in the Articles of Association of the Company;
  • to receive audited financial statements together with notice of annual general meeting;
  • to receive all notices of general meetings.

Please note that when shares are held through a nominee, it is the nominee’s name that appears on the register of members and therefore the Company’s dealings, such as sending of general meeting notices and circular are with the nominee as the registered shareholder. The beneficial owners should liaise with their respective nominee to provide them with the necessary information.