We Produce Gold

Bahvest is one of the largest gold miners in Malaysia, and the only one in Sabah.

Hidden Treasure

Nestled within Mount Wullersdorf in Tawau of eastern Sabah stands Bukit Mantri. Located just 18km from Tawau airport, this 595m tall landmark is the gold definition of untapped potential.

So little explored

yet so much uncovered...

Southsea Gold Sdn Bhd subleased 317.7 ha of the 948 ha land given by Sabah Lands and Surveys Department (SLSD) to its shareholder, Wullersdorf Resources Sdn Bhd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bahvest.

The sublease’s renewable 33 years tenure commenced from 1 October 2015. SLSD has given its approval for the sublease and registered it on the Country Lease on 13 November 2015.

Bahvest’s undergoing survey within the Mineral Resource area of 28 ha has currently produced a 6.5 tons of gold. / With mining operations only just begun, 6.5 tons of gold has been uncovered within the 28 ha Mineral Resource area.

Untapped gold veins discovered further in the ground brings exciting news that Bukit Mantri is superbly enriched to provide much more over the long term.

3D renderings of the gold veins showcases the thickness of each vein as highlighted by the graphs showcased.

3D renderings of the gold veins


Responsible Gold Miner

Diligent practice of storing, treating and recycling of mining waste.

Responsible in providing a conducive working environment for our community of more than 300 employees.

Fully compliant with rules and regulations set by relevant authorities.


Explore with us the greatness that lies ahead

Invest with the best, Bahvest

• Consensus estimates dictate that the Covid-19 situation has seen increased favorability in more stable investments in precious metals such as Gold.

• 6.5 tonnes of gold uncovered with less than 3% of area explored.

• Sustainable and environmentally responsible mining activities.

• Listed on Bursa stock exchange with adherence to highest standards of corporate governance set by MCCG.